Bathtime Boogie is a crazy journey along a magical bathtub that stretches into infinity or until your face melts from the explosion of color. It might loosely be called a vertical shooter, but it won’t be like any you’ve ever played before. No two trips down the tub will ever be the same – dynamically changing gameplay, random special events and bosses, and difficulty scaling means every play is unique!


“Totally Bathrageous !! love it…”

“This game is sooooooooooooo addictive!! Great fun for everyone definitely worth the money :)”

“Best time I’ve had in the bath for ages. :)”


+ Face off against the bathtub invaders in a frenzy of soap-slinging action, with the difficulty increasing all the way

+ Five totally unique bosses and one extra special event mode that can show up at any time

+ No two plays alike means endless replayability and countless hours of fun

+ GameCenter integration provides leaderboards and achievements and ensures your bragging rights are all taken care of

Prepare to be addicted to the weird and wonderful world of Bathtime Boogie!

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