Welcome to Space Inflaters – a shooter like no other!

When aliens threaten to invade, there’s only one thing to do: inflate them like a balloon and pop ’em out of the galaxy!

Armed with a fleet of unique ships and an arsenal of devastating powerups, you’re the last line of defence against the endless horde.

Come and experience the latest addictive title by Dobsoft Studios, creators of the hit “Gun Fu: Stickman Edition”!

See what people have been saying about Space Inflaters!

“★★★★★ Cannot say enough good things about this game! In a word – fantastic!”
“★★★★★ Quite addictive !!!! I simply love this app…”
“★★★★★ AWESOME! Sooo addictive! It’s really hard to write this review and play the game at the same time but I just can’t put it down!!!”


– Endless scaling action that offers a different experience every play
– Battle huge bosses, hell bent on your destruction
– Earn coins to unlock a variety of spaceships, powerups and levels
– Compete against the world as your score is ranked against the best after every trip through the galaxy

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